Proper Chandelier Fixtures

Proper Chandelier Fixtures

There are seemingly endless options for your living and dining area lighting. Chandelier options are elegant, functional, and come in many shapes and sizes depending on the space. Although they’re a classic choice, chandeliers are by no means outdated. If you look in the right places, you’ll find modern chandeliers that give a contemporary feel to your home. ‌ How can you be sure you’re picking proper chandelier fixtures? Well, we have composed a concise, comprehensive guide to choosing the right chandelier for you.

Different Kinds of Chandeliers

In your research, you might have wondered what the differences between varying chandeliers are. A quick breakdown of different kinds of chandeliers looks like this:
  • Crystal chandeliers will be a visual focal point and give a clean, whimsical light.
  • Chandelier ceiling fans are part ceiling fan, part chandelier, also known as chandelier fans.
  • Crystal chandelier ceiling fans include a fan component on top of a classic crystal chandelier light.
  • Unique chandeliers are statement pieces; they can come in the form of tiered ring lights, geometric glass panes, beaded strings, and more.
  • Large commercial chandeliers are ideal for huge spaces, like a hotel lobby or restaurant.
  • Commercial pendant lights are typically suspended by a long chain or rod and provide indirect lighting.
Some variation or combination of these lights can go in most any room depending on style and size. Learn how to pick the right chandelier before you make a purchase.

How to Choose Proper Chandelier Fixtures

There are many factors to consider when choosing a fixture, like size, material, style, light output, etc. Don’t get overwhelmed! Focus your attention on the most important characteristics: size and light output.


If you choose a chandelier that’s too small or too big for your room, you’ll create strange lighting and awkward spacing throughout. The chandelier you settle on needs to be proportionate to the size of the space you’re trying to illuminate. ‌ When deciding how big of a chandelier you need, measure both the length and width in feet of the room you’ll put it in and add the two numbers together. That number in inches will be a good diameter for your chandelier. You don’t have to stick to this exact diameter, but you shouldn’t deviate too much from it. When in doubt, err on the bigger side. ‌ Don’t forget about ceiling height. Hanging a lengthy light fixture in a short space will look visually awkward, just as installing a very short chandelier in a tall space. As the height of your ceiling goes up, so should the length of your chandelier.

Light Output

Factors that affect your light output include what direction the light is going (up or down) and whether the bulbs are exposed or covered. Sometimes, a chandelier without a shade or dimmer can be glaringly bright. ‌ Generally, upward-facing lights cast a deflected, diffused light onto your ceiling that lights up a generally large space. Downward-facing chandeliers, like pendant lights, shine on a more focused area and are great for shining onto dining room tables or desks.

What Type of Chandelier Will Fit?

Another question to ask yourself when choosing a chandelier is whether it will be a primary or decorative fixture in your space. If you’re looking to put in a main source of light, the quality of light and light coverage should take priority over style. Alternatively, if you have plenty of existing lighting in the room, light coverage is less important for your new fixture and won’t be as important as its decorative function. ‌ For example, chandeliers and pendant lights are very similar but offer different overall lighting options. Classic chandeliers are traditional sources of primary light, and pendant lights are more of a style choice. Although both can add to your interior design efforts, chandeliers will offer better coverage and more ambient lighting by acting as a primary source of light. Pendant lighting serves that decorative role of casting purposeful lighting on a more concentrated space.

Find Your Chandelier Fixtures

Lighting is an essential element to any room, and if you try to do it yourself it can be difficult to get right the first time. We recommend finding a professional lighting company to help you choose and install the best chandelier in your space. ‌ Xpress Lighting of Texas offers residential and commercial lighting options in Spring, The Woodlands, and the greater Houston area. When it comes to knowing how to choose proper chandelier fixtures, Xpress Lighting and its professional lighting experts will help you find the lights that brighten up your room.

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